In 2010, I watched my prospects of becoming a full time photojournalist evaporate with the decimation of the newspaper industry. Forums and discussions with photojournalist were filled with fear, anxiety, and despair. Some of the vitriol was aimed at new generations of digital photographers, and the rise of new social media and online platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and iStockPhoto. The old business models were quickly supplanted with free or dirt cheap. Newspapers were struggling to figure out the online market and losing money fast.
Surrounded and nearly consumed by this, I optimistically tried to find the opportunities. At the same time, I was rediscovering film photography as a way to improve my artistic vision and spend more time thinking about what goes in the frame rather than what new gear to buy.
Thus, "Beyond The Negative" was born. A play on words which referred to stepping out of the fear, uncertainty and doubt engulfing the profession at the time, and viewing photography as more than a piece of gear or film emulsion. I was determined to get beyond the negative both emotionally and technically.